System ERP transition on company acquisition & support.
Industry Electronics manufacturing

IT Landscape in scope:

1 x Oracle applications financials & manufacturing

120 Countries

+28,000 Total workforce

+2,500 Active users

24x7x365 Global operations in multiple time-zones

99.99% Planned up-time

Very high level of customization

Canadian multi-national acquires the manufacturing operations in Europe for a Fortune 500 telecommunication company. As a result of the transition, the old system has to be sun-set and decommisioned. A new system has to be created that will allow for all manufacturing, financials & supplychain to work as normal but under the new companies banner and without the old financial and stock transactions.

Actions & Insights

Greanalyze studied the existing environment and, requirements of the two companies.

A few feasible options were assessed along with the effort, change impact and cost benefit analysis of all the options.

Licensing arrangements reviewed.


Old system has to be sun-set and decommissioned.

New system must allow business as usual but without the transactions of the previous company.

Companies do not want to incurr additional licensing costs on either of the systems.

Software vendor Oracle Corporation has refused to support the transition.

Change impact should be minimum.


Existing environment was cloned to create a copy.

Database updates done to change the Legal name, Operating unit name and Tax related details.

Business given a walk through of all database tables that contained data to check information that needed to be removed from the new system.

All tables with transaction information identified and purged systematically and without disturbing the relational data integrity.

All other data that needed to be removed was purged systematically and without distrurbing the relational data integrity.

Old system secured with limited functionality for sun-setting.

Heavy manufacturing set-up & configuration
40,000 man days effort gone into existing customization tthat needs to be retained to suit the unique manufacturing process.
Implementation has to be completed within 6 weeks
Financial & adjustment transactions should be segregated for the two companies and must be completely secure
Heavy manufacturing set-up & configuration retained and functional for new transactions.
All existing customization retained and functional for new transactions.
Design - Build - Test - Deployment completed within 6 weeks
Financial & adjustment transactions secured and segregated for the two companies
Support license discontinued with Oracle
Managed services provided by Greanalyze
Project scope
A holistic approach to problem solving requires thoroughly identifying opportunities through impact analysis. Greanalyze technology, experience & methodology was activated in the following areas for this project:
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