Modernization through digital transformation of Semi private company.
Industry Energy


Large scale semi-private company with diverse solutions for energy generation including some very non-conventional process' due to technology restrictions, looking to do a design review to seek further modernization and digital transformation of their existing landscape.

To validate and achieve optimal digital design and standardization of process' and increase organization performance.

Actions & Insights

Greanalyze carefully studied the existing process', unconventional methods, up-time requirements, data capture methods and requirements and algorithms used to study impact of quality on revenue and existing limitations.

We created optimal business process', and a number of deliverables and recommendations to reduce resource usage through digital transformation, automating and digitizing data capture and processing.


Continuous data capture of quality parameters is required to ensure high performance of organization. Lack of connectivity in remote locations, unstable environment conditions, zero tolerance to business disruption due to downstream process impact on 24x7x365 processes, un-conventional practices and continuous monitoring requirements make design and adaption difficult.

Unconventional methods and redundant technologies are limiting the organizations ability to grow as a large number of resources are performing routine tasks


Process and resource criticality and dependency

Priority rules and priority clusters for assets with interdependency and risk classification

Optimal business processes and deliverables

Identification of resource wastage, re-deployment and decommissioning.

Agile and sustainable digital solutions.

Cost – benefit analysis.

Low Existing process and technologies
Low Existing resource usage
High Cost of data capture
High Process and technology optimization
High Resource optimization
Low Cost of data capture
Project scope
A holistic approach to problem solving requires thoroughly identifying opportunities through impact analysis. Greanalyze technology, experience & methodology was activated in the following areas for this project:
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