Modernization through digital transformation of Public sector bodies
Industry Government


+72 Public sector bodies (PSBs)

+50 systems

Government's vision is one of modernization through digital transformation and professional renewal based upon a shared technology platform supporting common standard finance processes and accounting definitions for all PSBs. This will deliver tangible improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of the Government's finance function. The future vision is whereby more effort can be focused on informing decision making through in-depth analysis of expenditure and public finances, thereby enhancing the support provided to Accounting Officers. The project is to be delivered in 5 phases.

Process and Technology advisor needed to act as a gate keeper and negotiator between the Government and the system implementer. To ensure best and most optimal and secure solution architecture and design.

Actions & Insights

Greanalyze by studying the RFT and RFT response were able to point out and convince the stake holders that the Design-Optimization phase has been ignored or not done holistically to allow the build to start on the basis of simple conference room pilots.

Initiated resource and design optimization.

Identified each process, scenario and activity within the eco-system and used optimization, standardization, ergonomics and normalization principles throughout the design process to come up with a strong solution design, solution architect, list of technologies and deliverables with cost benefit analysis on each recommendation.

Brought the solution design through the governance model for approval from all stake holders and gave confidence to stake holders that the new design will make the system fit for purpose and at the same time achieve high performance, high return of investment and agile digital transformation.


Need standard processes across all 72 PSB's including common data capture, governance, controls and reporting through a single application.

Transition all +72 PSB's in different phases over a 5 year period on to a single application.

Minimize staff, customer and suppliers effort on routine work.

Identify process changes and technologies to enhance efficiency and productivity of government employees and government departments and provide a solution which is better than the existing multiple solutions in place by designing futuristic and agile digital transformation solution.

Ensure final solution is workable and is holistic in nature taking into consideration all aspects of budget definition, maintenance and spend.

RFT of over 1200 pages has been signed already on a fixed price contract with the system implementer with deliverables proposed and valued by SI assuming design optimization is complete.


Identified optimal, standardized and normalized list of 110 business process' across all work streams.

Business process maps optimized with least number of process steps and least amount of swim-lane crossovers. Reducing average process steps from 22 to 8.

Data captured and optimized at process step level to identify: Common Steps, Step description, control points, security requirements, segregation of duty, manual effort, resource usage, data capture, accounting, reporting, volumetric, technology, enhancements, digitization etc.

Network paradigm, optimization matrix created for each data element captured and ergonomics applied for completion of high performance optimized design.

List of deliverables including all human and non-human resources required to complete processes with maximum possible automation and digitization.

40m Euro's, fixed cost of project
72 Project cost on the basis of 72 development objects and 400+ reports proposed by SI
35 Process common maps covering all processes defined
Common process design not agreed with PSB advisory groups
Security, infrastruture and technology design advisory groups
Risk of implementing a non-optimized design that will increase work load
40m Euro's and more saved by ensuring validation of deliverables.
64 Deliverables identified with only 20% of original used and another 46 removed using standard functionality and +200 reports.
110m Processes identified holistically and optimized at the lowest operational activity level.
Common process designs created, validated and agreed with all PSB's and stake holders.
Security, infrastruture and technology design created, validated and agreed with advisory groups and stake holders.
Business and IT project risk.
Project scope
A holistic approach to problem solving requires thoroughly identifying opportunities through impact analysis. Greanalyze technology, experience & methodology was activated in the following areas for this project:
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