Managed service optimization for Fortune 500 company
Industry Telecommunication

ERP Landscape:

Oracle EBS

Global 24x7x365 usage

+2500 users

12 modules

24x7x365 support

Onshore + Offshore support

High customization level

High latency & complexity

The goal is to optimize & stabilize the application by reducing number of service tickets and also remove latency on key programs.

Actions & Insights

Greanalyze carefully studied the patterns logged in the ticketing system to understand the problem areas.

We analyzed the source of problems, time taken to resolve the problems, type of problems & type of resolution provided. We also analyzed the time each support resource was actually spending in closing the ticket.

We further analyzed company ergonomics & behavioral patterns along with business critical times & events to provide actionable intelligence for optimization of the ERP system, system support & system usage landscape.

Technical analysis, optimization & QA of custom programs & reports with latency issues running since years.


While problems are known, the incumbent business & IT responsible leads want to see if optimization could be achieved:

1. Without disturbing the business & IT support processes and activities.

2. Without utilizing existing businss & IT resources for knowledge transfer.

3. With redundant documentation

4. Without providing access to production environment.

5. Lack of in-depth & holistic knowledge existing custom code and impact of change.

6. Single planning program has 142 sub-programs with parallel scheduling taking 72 hours to complete. Single point failure requires the entire program to be re-run delaying implementation of planning engine recommendations and hence impacting performance of organization.


20 minor code changes identified to bring down average number of service requests and optimize associated business process.

Knowledge transfer from incumbent 16 resource staff completed in 2 weeks to transfer support to 1.5 on-shore resources.

Planning engine optimized to bring down run time from 72 hours to 45 minutes. A number of reports & programs identified with latency issues and their code & schedule optimized.

Failure rate of planning engine brought down to zero.

service/defect request per month
Consultants supporting the environment.
hours for completion of planning engine consisting of +140 jobs run every week.
monthly failure rate of planning program
Environment considered stable by client
Non-resilient process with high latency as a single point of failure means starting from beginning.
Decrease in average monthly service calls
Decrease in support resources & cost
Decrease in latency of planning program
Decrease in monthly failure rate of planning program
Project scope
A holistic approach to problem solving requires thoroughly identifying opportunities through impact analysis. Greanalyze technology, experience & methodology was activated in the following areas for this project:
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