Application Modernization and Optimization for Government body.
Industry Government

About medium scale public sector body with approx 200 staff and multiple other users of a legacy document management system.

Goal was to modernize and optimize this application, add required functionality, fix users reported issues.

Actions & Insights

Cconsultant started with a full review of the code base and functionality. Throwing out the system and starting with a new modern system system was not an option for cost reasons and because much of the client Business Intelligence was built into the existing system.

Output of the review was:

- Working and reliable build system.

- Understanding of the system components and functionality.

- Report with review findings and recommendations.


System was mixed age with some parts over 20 years old. Documentation was sparse, no source control or build system.


With full client review and input, the updates and fixes for first release were agreed and implemented.

Build system, build server, source control, config management, latest build tools and environemnt were implemeted - all core elements of Greanalyze documented software development process.

Bespoke logging system added to facilitate debug in test and live deployment.

New APIs integrated to add new functioanality and fix problems.

Many user problems resolved.

Multiple components including legacy email.
Out of date APIs.
Unsupported tools.
Fully modernized software system.
Client has full control of software: functionality, features, release, where there had been no support for their EOL product.
In-house platform for future development and optimization.
Project scope
A holistic approach to problem solving requires thoroughly identifying opportunities through impact analysis. Greanalyze technology, experience & methodology was activated in the following areas for this project:
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