Securing IT environment through cDNA.
Industry Networking
IT Landscape Size:

+5000 applications

+14000 servers

+184 data centers

Multi-national company initiated security review of entire IT landscape to be able to identify threat levels and security risks on the entire landscape and at individual server & application level.

Actions & Insights

Greanalyze captured IT landscape environment noise to identify real time interrelations between assets, their criticality, security and their proximity to each other from a security perspective to understand if a security breach took place who would be the most vulnerable associates of the primary asset breached and how fast the breach would travel to impact other assets in the environment. This would enable an immediate containment of a security breach to the primary asset breached or those closely associated to the primary asset based on real time association architecture.


Plenty of solutions available to identify and secure individual servers & applications. However this does not provide the organization enough insight on the downstream impact of a security breach of single asset on the rest of the environment to allow them to react and contain the breach.

Manual assessment is time consuming and does not allow a quick & immediate reaction as needed when a security breach takes place.


Environment criticality, security rating, proximity & dependency.

Environment security certification

Real time security breach. environment spread & impact analysis from the perspective of each asset within the organization.

Automatic security breach containment triggers based on real time association architecture.

The real-time actionable intelligence was used to automate immediate response and containment of security breaches on individual assets and their associates.

20 %
Breach containment factor.
20 %
Real time data to allow for immediate reaction
20 %
Ability to react.
Low data security.
85 %
Breach containment factor.
85 %
Real time data to allow for immediate reaction.
85 %
Ability to react.
High data security
Project scope
A holistic approach to problem solving requires thoroughly identifying opportunities through impact analysis. Greanalyze technology, experience & methodology was activated in the following areas for this project:
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