Outsourced Services

Knowledge generation, capture, understanding, standardization and retention are key to seeing patterns within your operations.

Greanalyze studies these patterns to recommend improvements. The principles of providing managed services include getting the right team to do the job and ensuring the team does the job right to avoid repetitive issues, latency, knowledge leakage and high cost of ticket resolution.

We have the technology and experience of breaking down your day-to-day process for easy transition and seamless execution of your repetitive work.

The process is designed to maximize the cost benefits for you using technology for process assessment.

Problems & Solutions
What Tech Leaders are asking :
  • How do we identify and check viability of outsourcing specific areas within our business to increase the overall performance of our organization while minimizing risks and reducing costs?
  • How do we know if our systems and processes are within the thresholds of stability?
  • How do we determine the actual effort versus cost for optimization of our managed service operations?
  • Our IT managed services/Business processes are already outsourced. How do we ensure best returns and performance enhancement and yet further reduce costs?
  • How do we ensure our data, processes and expertise remain protected and compliant and we have a trusted outsourcing partner?
  • How do we discover the right pricing model and service level agreement?
How Greanalyze is helping :
  • Greanalyze endeavors to reduce operating and project costs for companies by up-to 90% and at the same time improving service levels and overall performance.
  • The program achieves this by taking an outside view while performing in-depth phased analysis of even the smallest and most irrelevant elements of environment, constant pursuit of perfection and persistent effort to improvise.
  • Greanalyze understands the criticality, dependency, inter-relationship and usage of the various assets being managed.
  • Various patterns in your managed service operations relating to service requests, defect requests and change requests are studied carefully. Patterns are studied for the request being raised, the handling of the request and the resolution. Business process maps and related process steps are defined and converted into network paradigm with criticality, dependencies, volumetrics, forecast, RASCI matrix defined on each step.
  • The patterns give us a clear understanding of the type of requests being raised, the type of customers raising the requests the type, effort, lead-time, cost and methodology for resolution of the requests.
  • Repeat patterns and bottlenecks are identified by technology experts for a permanent resolution in line with industry standards and best practice.
  • Greanalyze optimization algorithms are run on this data to simplify the process and make it resilient and agile.
  • Client's outsourcing model, expectations, criticality and dependencies are carefully assessed to make recommendations for one or more operating model along with impact analysis and costings to help you discover the right operating model.
What Tech Leaders are asking :
  • How do we plan service levels, resources, resilience, knowledge retention, up-time, change control and continuous performance enhancement for our managed services operations?
  • How do we ensure responsibility, advise, support, communication and information is properly established?
  • How do we plan the transition of work to the selected operating model without impacting our day-to-day working?
How Greanalyze is helping :
  • Greanalyze methodology ensures business as usual for our client companies, by designing the operating model, and doing a fit-gap analysis, we can clearly see the areas that need to be covered to ensure a smooth transition.
  • A carefully documented process ensures responsibility, advise, security, communication and information processes are well established for each step.
  • The principles applied in the discovery phase are continuously and effortlessly applied in day-to-day management.
  • An effective part of the planning process is to ensure the right effort, resources and costs are applied to all requests. The process generally covers: Model selection, Establishing team setup, Work environment setup including secure connection and access, Compliance & Governance model setup, Service level agreement, Communication & call routing, Knowledge transfer & shadowing forward & reverse mode.
What Tech Leaders are asking :
  • How can we assure stake holders of increased performance?
  • How do we ensure quality and risk elimination during execution?
  • How can we ensure continuous improvement?
How Greanalyze is helping :
  • Greanalyze through its discovery and planning will ensure stake holder buy-in and assurance by providing proper technical justification, reasoning, cost benefit analysis and measurable performance enhancement.
  • Quality assurance, governance and control frameworks are put in place in line with industry standards, best practice and keeping in mind continuous improvement.
  • Clearly defined SLA supported by real historic and current data allows proper management of service level agreement for the benefit of all stake holders.
Greanalyze difference : delivered on-time, within budget & without risks
Proven methodology to get the best results using technology and experience
  • Objective
  • Greanalyze difference
  • Deliverables
Innovate without boundaries
  • Understanding
  • Unique
  • Innovative
  • Makes life better
  • Realistic
  • Possible
  • Ability to capture thoughts
  • Ability to assess viability
  • Ability to make the idea better
  • Ability to understand requirements
  • High level requirements
  • Idea board
  • Viability assessment
Reasonably and openly
  • Brainstorm
  • Retrospect
  • Collaborate
  • Identify pain points
  • Identify solutions
  • Estimate effort & timelines
  • Ability to stimulate conversation
  • Ability to understand pain
  • Reasonable solutions with very high ROI
  • High level requirements
  • Idea board
  • Viability assessment
Measurable, phased and clearly defined
  • 0% ambiguity or 100% clarity
  • Responsible and accountable
  • Phased approach
  • Experience with handling multi-million dollar contracts
  • Experience to foresee problems
  • Legal, business and technical knowledge
  • Risk management
  • Requirement audit and review
  • Response audit and review
  • Contract viability & risk assessment
  • Management summary
  • Risk register
Common understanding through strong justification
  • Reduce cost
  • Increase quality
  • Common understanding
  • Foundation for project
  • Objectives & reasoning
  • Plan
  • Milestones & expectations
  • Ability to simplify
  • Ability to optimize
  • Ability to put together the best possible team
  • Scope
  • Management
  • Overall success criteria
  • Roles and responsibilities matrix
  • Communication plan
  • Project plan
  • Requirement traceability matrix
  • Management summary
  • Risk register
The most infinitesimal data of significance in a manner that enables analysis
  • Reduce cost
  • Increase quality
  • Objectives and justification
  • Thorough and complete
  • Automation
  • Standardization
  • Normalization
  • Data modelling for analysis
  • Ability to simplify
  • Ability to optimize
  • Ability to put together the best possible team
  • Ability to visualize, identify and justify benefits
  • Automatic capturing
  • Ability to cleanse, standardize, normalize & model
  • White and relevant noise seperation
  • Network paradigm creation
  • Holistic discovery optimization of all dependencies, efforts, costs & controls
Identify opportunities
  • Reduce cost
  • Increase quality
  • Lower risk
  • Lower latency
  • Real-time, Reliable, Relevant
  • Impact analysis
  • Validation through technology & forensic science
  • Network paradigm analysis
  • Linear programming
  • Control theory
  • Convex optimization theory
  • Decision theory
  • Game theory
  • Pattern reading and solution normalization
  • Thorough and complete
  • Ability to analyze discovery through technology & experience
  • Network paradigm
  • KPI's, Dashboards, Drill-down, Simulations
  • Impact analysis
  • Reports, Architecture, Topology, Maps
  • Requirement traceability matrix
  • Management summary
  • Risk register
Maximize performance through optimization
  • Reduce effort
  • Reduce cost
  • Increase quality
  • Reduce risk
  • Reduce latency
  • Reduce wastage
  • Application of theory of optimization
  • Standardize, normalize, minimize
  • Infinitesimal calculus
  • Identify opportutnities
  • Economies of scope
  • Economies of scale
  • Simplify decision making
  • Maximize performance
  • Optimized design blueprint
  • Key design decisions
  • Optimized Reports, Arcitecture, Topology, Maps
  • Fit-Gap analysis
  • List of deliverables
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Impact analysis
  • Requirement traceability matrix
  • Management summary
  • Risk register
With accurately and with confidence
  • Accuracy
  • Prioritization
  • Risk elimination
  • Deliverables & objectives
  • Allocation
  • Realistic
  • Quality
  • Justification and reasoning
  • Optimization
  • Experience
  • Technical understanding
  • Project plan
  • Management summary
  • Risk register
Simple, modern and futuristic
  • Robust
  • Resiliant
  • Agile
  • High performance
  • Best UI & UX
  • High ROI
  • Secure
  • Quality
  • Ability to foresee issues
  • Ability to take best decisions
  • Ability to apply best practice
  • Technical understanding
  • Experienced QA
  • Holistic view
  • Standardize, normalize, minimize
  • Ability to apply ergonomics
  • Ability to optimize design
  • Design approach & strategy
  • Functional designs
  • Technical designs
  • Configuration designs
  • Impact analysis update
  • Requirement traceability matrix
  • Management summary
  • Risk register
Technology at its best
  • Robust
  • Resiliant
  • Compatible & regressive
  • Agile
  • High performance
  • Low latency
  • Secure
  • Quality
  • Ability to simplify
  • Ability to apply best practice and coding standards
  • 100% softcoding or 0% hardcoding
  • Functional understanding
  • Experienced QA
  • Holistic view
  • Standardize, normalize, minimize
  • Ability to optimize design
  • Build approach and strategy
  • Objects
  • Test results
  • QA (Technical review) results
  • Object implementation designs
  • Requirement traceability matrix
  • Management summary
  • Risk register
Thorough and agile
  • Gain confidence
  • Assurance
  • Quality
  • Meet requirements
  • Regression
  • Ability to identify dependency and criticality
  • Ability to apply best test practice
  • Functional and Technical understanding
  • Experienced QA
  • Holistic view
  • Standardize, normalize, minimize
  • Ability to optimize testing
  • Test approach and strategy
  • End-To-End Test cases
  • Test scenarios
  • Test scripts
  • Requirement traceability matrix
  • Test results
  • Management summary
  • Risk register
With precision ensuring continuity
  • Smooth deployment
  • Eliminate adverse impact
  • Ability to identify dependency and criticality
  • Technical review and audit
  • Functional review and audit
  • Standardization and normalization review and audit
  • Ability to reflect changes into overall knowledge base
  • Implementation approach & strategy
  • Change advisory board gateway control
  • Deployment communication
  • Deployment document & version control
  • Management summary
  • Risk register
Seemlessly to stay competitive
  • Frictionless change
  • Encouraging
  • Strong framework
  • Risk free
  • Low cost
  • High quality
  • Thorough and holistic impact assessment
  • Proven methodology backed up by technology and data for quick transformation
  • Systematic addressing of human side
  • Adaption approach & strategy
  • Impact assessment
  • Business case
  • Training material
  • Communication
  • Cultural landscape adaptability assessment
  • Ownership matrix
  • Management summary
  • Risk register
Improving continuously
  • Increase performance
  • Reduce cost
  • High availability
  • Remove bottlenecks
  • Change management
  • Ability to achieve self management & simplification
  • Ability to understand any technology and increase performance
  • Ability to stabelize environment
  • Ability to reduce latency and remove bottlenecks
  • Ability to reduce cost through effort and operating model
  • Ability to increase quality of service
  • Managed services approach and strategy
  • Service tracker
  • Continuous improvement matrix
  • Recommendations & opportunities
  • Change log
  • Management summary
  • Risk register
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