"Optimization is a science that requires in-depth phased analysis of even the smallest and most irrelevant elements of environment, constant pursuit of perfection and persistent effort to improvize. There is always room for optimization and some times we need a perspective that is not influenced by our environment to analyze things differently.

Greanalyze does exactly this to keep your organization green".

"With our ground breaking optimization model, we can help you see your processes and assets holistically and differently. The approach and technology allow you to address the painful elements and also brings further optimization to the elements that may otherwise appear perfect."
"Key to start thinking about an optimization project is to understand there is always room for improvement, enhancing performance and cutting costs. Irrespective of how perfect the process or resources around the process are, thought brings validation. We can help you with thorough optimization as we target every cost element. Our optimization thought process is built on the principles of standardization, normalization, ergonomics and rationalization. It ensures your organization has to put the least possible amount of effort with least number of resources in completing tasks thus freeing up resources within your organization."
"Stimulting conversation to hear and be heard is the key to this phase. It's the experience of the past, present and the future that comes together to explore the art of possibility. We build your strategy with you by gathering facts, developing a vision and a mission statement, identifying strategic objectives, creating a tactical plan, defining KPIs for performance management and high level cost estimates."
"Through our years of experience with the tendering process, we help you create request for quotations that ensures your deliverables and expectations are clearly listed and understood. We can also help you evaluate the responses, seek clarification to minimize the risk of misunderstanding for both yourself and your suppliers. We do this by bringing in our technical and legal experts together."
"In this stage we can help you understand and budget for your optimization program at micro and macro level taking into account your goals, expectations and the tender responses for both fixed cost or time and material agreements for each phase of the project. We can also help you put in place tools to monitor your spend and budget consumption against clearly defined deliverables, time-lines and quality measurement parameters."
"We can help you define, assess and select the best methodology, priorities, governance models, tools, processes, milestones, guidelines, standards, approaches, resources and partners for implementation of your optimization program."
"We can help you draw up contracts that will protect you, your potential partners and the optimization program."
"We can help you with the initiation of the program, including on-boarding of the various program members both internal and external by assembling all parts to make a high performance machine which is aware of the objectives of the program, its governance model, the expectations, standards, code of ethics, health and security, documentation process, data security and non-disclosure guidelines, organization structure, roles and responsibilities to name a few. We can also help with review of program initiation document."
"In this phase we start collecting noise in your workplace through a carefully designed methodology to achieve the highest performance and best results for your program. The noise is captured through automated and manual means and is converted into data, structured to achieve the final objectives. The complexity, granularity and the volume of this data is never a limiting factor. Where the noise is too big we create machines that can capture it and separate the white noise from the relevant noise for effective use. We ensure a model for continuous capture of noise is in place for effective use during and even after the program as we make optimization a natural part of your ogranization."
"The data captured is then continuously processed through artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that are altered and made specific to your program objectives, creating network paradigms, patterns, trends, simulations, architectures and reccomendations through a combination of scientific and manual reasoning."
"We optimize your resources ability, capacity and usage through the output of our analysis engines and by applying the principals of standardization and normalization. We create powerful prioritization reccomendations for quick wins, important wins, high and low risk wins backed up by forensic data to help plan the delivery based on actionable insights. A high level design is created along with a solution blueprint and accurate list of deliverables to achieve the objectives of the program."
"With the clear list of deliverables we can bring together technology experts, organization and project managers to help create a strong plan for the remaining phases of the project."
"Each deliverable is carefully designed in detail. Depending on the type of deliverable or the technology being used to deliver, we can deliver this phase either ourselves or get our technology stream specific specialization partners involved to deliver a solid and agile functional and technical design."
"As we build in our delivery centres or that of our specialized partners, we also ensure build meets the highest quality standards, coding standards and performance standards."
"We can help you with creating your test strategy, test scenarios, conditions and scripts. We can also execute automated and manual end-to-end regression, systems, stess, penetration and quality testing of the built objects"
"We can help plan deployment and take the deployment through change management acceptance and complete the post implementation support, in a manner that is least painful for business as usual. We can also do manual and automated impact assessment."
"We can help you with adaption strategy, adaption planning, adaption monitoring, learnings, resolution and documentation."
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