Here you can get a glimpse of whats going on in the Greanalyze world. There is a lot of work noise created in our world as well, and what you see is the result of our noise harvesting.
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COVID-19 update

Greanalyze want to assure our customers and partners that we are continueing to support all ongoing development during the coronavirus pandemic. The safety and well-being of our employees and partners continues to be our number one commitment, and to this end we have taken every recommended precaution including work from home policies, social distancing, and of course all hand hygiene guidelines.

We realise that with these precautions, and also travel restrictions in place, that on-site visits and face to face meeting may not be possible right now. However, as a world leader in digital transformation, Greanalyze is fully equipped for complete collaboration and communication for all our employees and customers, wherever the location. We don't just preach digital transformation, we practice it!

We hope that you, your staff, and all your families stay safe during this crisis, and together we will overcome it.

DTX Manchester pstponed from April to Nov 2020 in response to Covid-19 outbreak
Ircona and Capp Systems merger

Ircona and Capp Systems Announce the Merger of their Business Operations.

Dublin, Ireland, Feb 14th, 2020

Telemed Technology Ltd, trading as Ircona, and Capp Systems Limited have announced the planned merger of their business operations to provide more comprehensive software solutions to their customers. The merged business will operate under the Greanalyze brand and will offer full stack software services from embedded to enterprise.

Ircona, founded in 2005, provides embedded and system design services to a global list of blue chip clients. "Capp Systems offers an exciting opportunity for Ircona to strengthen and expand its service offering in enterprise software" explains Michael O'Keeffe, founder and CEO of Ircona. "With a range of high profile clients, the merger supports the combined strategy to lead the market and meet the future requirements for a single service provider to meet our clients complete digital transformation needs".

Capp Systems has a successful track record in supporting their clients in the public and private sectors with their business and technology needs. Anudeep Kalra, founder and CEO of Capp Systems, also commented "Ircona's merger with Capp Systems provides a major growth opportunity for both our businesses through an extended service offering for our clients. As organizations begin their transition to a true digital economy, the new entity Greanalyze will be best positioned to support them on that journey". Anudeep takes over as Head of Enterprise Solutions at Greanalyze.

From the experts

Data exists in everything we do, from science to business and this data grows exponentially every year. When there is simply too much information to process the ability to use this data diminishes and the data becomes White noise.

Our technology identifies – captures – engineers this data from any source and scale to produce analysis and visualization for actionable insights allowing your organization to make more effective, efficient, data-driven decisions.

We do it by understanding relationships between entities or people within networks; for example, genes, proteins, samples, test results, servers, applications, devices, communication, events involving millions of records and measured variables. We then provide analysis by exploring and recognizing patters and structures within data to help organizations take advanced information based decisions quickly

Greanalyze technology transfers data into a network paradigm and then uses algorithms, technology, data science and consulting to provide an alternative to conventional data-modeling approaches which are time consuming, non-scientific and inaccurate

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