We help organizations realize their true potential by helping them realize the power of the noise their work generates. Greanalyze has a rare combination of experienced skills, proven and protected technologies to listen to this noise and find ways to convert it into actionable intelligence.
Our Belief
At Greanalyze we believe in working with accelerate the companies of our client companies in order to accelerate them. Our disruptive technology combined with our unique approach, knowledge and experience ensure business-as-usual for our clients as we listen to their existing work noise, convert it into complex data and finally into actionable intelligence to improve performance all around.
Work means noise
We believe in understanding our clients work, identifying and listening to the noise work makes for innovating solutions
Noise means data
We capture this noise in its totality to create data and sometimes this means a lot of data
Data means information
No matter how complex this data may be, we filter, cleanse, engineer it to convert it into valuable information.
Information means performance - intelligence - engineering - precision
This information is then engineered into highly precise actionable intelligence to improve performance of client organizations and projects
Our Guiding Force
Michael O'Keeffe - CEO

Mike is a seasoned industry executive and CEO of Greanalyze. He led the buyout of Ircona from Stratus in 2005, having held the VP of Engineering role with Stratus.

He is an investor, owner, entrepreneur and innovator with executive experience with multinationals and start-ups in product manufacturing, computings, MedTech and software services sectors.

His interest include green energy, artificial intelligence, digital transformation, Big data and IOT.

Anudeep Kalra - Corporate VP

Anu is the Corporate Vice President at Greanalyze responsible for corporate strategy development, and head of innovations, delivery & performance improvement. An Innovator and Technology advisor with over 25 years of experience with major multinationals and consultancies around the world designing and delivering digital transformation solutions.

Anu has also worked as Chief Technology Advisor for the Irish government. He is currently heading a number of technology start-ups as an investor and a Business process and Technology executive.

His interests include Digital transformation, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, IOT, Big data, Modernisation, Optimisation, Standardisation, Normalisation, Ergonomics, and Network paradigm analysis of Business and IT landscape.

Liam Walsh - CTO

Liam is Software Manager and Chief Technology Officer of Greanalyze. Liam has very strong experience in optimal technology identification specially for Digital transformation projects.

With very strong understanding and knowledge of the technology world and what exists out there, Liam also has a very strong understanding of the in-house development possibilities. With these unique set of skills and strong experience, Liam enjoys suggesting most optimal technology delivery plans for organisations targeting digital transformation.

Liam's interests include Technology awareness, Embedded and Enterprise software development, Delivery planning, Digital transformation, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, IOT, Big data, and Modernisation

Kapil Kalra - COO (India)

Kapil leads the India delivery centre and is the Chief operating officer of Greanalyze. With a Management degree in finance and a strong IT background, Kapil has strong experience of delivery, planning and operationalising projects. Kapil's interests include operations, planning, software development, networking, digital transformation and modernization.

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